Collaboration with Government Agencies

“Place does Matter, and Blight is a Public Health Issue”, with those words from Commissioner Larry Johnson, along with the CEO, the Code Enforcement, the DeKalb Police and the Conley Business District Association launched a historic campaign against blighted properties in the Commercial District of Conley CID.

Commissioner Johnson recognized that blight may not go away overnight, however, these types of collaboration with government agencies, the Business Communities and Home Owners Association is the first step towards a comprehensive approach to fighting the problem. The Conley CID is a major economic generator for the county and the Commissioner is committed to ensuring that flagrant violations will not be tolerated. He emphasized on the need for educating the residents that blight is a public health issue and if education fails to work, then the county will have no option but to enforce the law. This initiative is one of many that will be launched to combat the menace of blight in our county.

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