14 08, 2020

DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson to Host Virtual Homeowner Association Boot Camp

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DECATUR, Ga.— DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson, along with Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington, will host a virtual Homeowner Association (HOA) Boot camp on Aug. 29, 2020 at 10 a.m. The Virtual Homeowner Association (HOA) Boot Camp will be presented by the DeKalb County HOA Alliance via Zoom. This will give constituents, local HOAs and organizations [...]

9 06, 2020

TouchPoint Series hosted by Commissioner Larry Johnson

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Commissioner Larry Johnson has hosted a series of episodes called "TouchPoint", which highlights difficult task constituents are facing during the COVID-19 crisis.  TouchPoint connects with local leaders to speak on how they are coping with the current crisis and the helpful tips they use while sheltering in place. Check Out Episode 9 - Community Engagement [...]

16 03, 2020

Coronavirus Information Update – 3.16.20

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DeKalb Activates COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan County prepared to provide essential services   DECATUR, Ga.—DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond has directed all county departments to activate their emergency operations plans to protect the public and employees while ensuring the continuation of essential services.   “Our government will continue to serve the people of DeKalb County,” [...]

13 02, 2020

Renaissance: Our Soundtrack in American Music

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This year’s Renaissance program is on the music industry with the key focus being on key Black performers throughout American History. About this Event This year’s Renaissance Initiative program is on the music industry with the key focus being on key black history performers through key periods of time from the 1950’s to today. The [...]