Industrial Use Land and Opportunity Zones for District 3

Currently, District 3 has few clusters of intense economic activity. However, the district possess-es many assets that will support future economic development. The area contains two interstate highway interchanges as well as the Moreland Industrial corridor and portions of Memorial Drive. Additionally, the district has—relatively speaking—an abundance of developable land. The infrastructure and space lend themselves to the development of skill-oriented industries, such as Logistics, Construction, and Manufacturing. The easy access to Atlanta and other cities sup-ports both specialty and general retail.
Several notable employers also have locations in District 3, including:

This map depicts Industrial and Light Industrial land use within the District as well as pinpointing its Opportunity Zones in order to aid development and economic growth. An Opportunity Zone is defined as “Any area which is within or adjacent to one or more contiguous census block groups with a poverty rate of 15 percent or great-er as determined from data in the most current United States decennial census…and which, in the opinion of the commissioner of community affairs, displays pervasive poverty, underdevelop-ment, general distress, and blight.” (GA Commu-nity Affairs)
More importantly, there are programs such as the state Business Assistance for Job Tax Credits that incentivize businesses coming to these areas which may result in some much needed growth and economic development.

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