Doll’s Head Trail

Within the park, visitors will find Doll’s Head Trail, an art exhibit like no other. The trail is so named because of the in situ artwork created with trash—many of it for some reason doll heads—that is left over after the South River floods. Prior to its restoration, this trail was used as a dumping ground. Trains would pull up and dump trash, leftover brick and other refuse before quickly continuing on.

It took the efforts of local carpenter Joel Slaton—who was the driving force behind this area of the park’s restoration—to restore Doll’s Head Trail into the unique experience it is today. In fact, many of the installations visitors find on the trail are Slaton’s own handiwork. Not only does Slaton clean up tires from the South River, but he also encourages others to participate in the creative process that makes Doll’s Head Trail what it is. Slaton leaves Sharpies out along the trail so that visitors may write down messages, poems and drawings on fragments of Terracotta tile.