Wesley Chapel Activity Center

Wesley Chapel Activity Center Policies

I. Lifelong Communities – ensuring that design captures the needs of young, old, and everyone in between by promoting multimodal access, diverse housing options, and desirable community spaces.
II. Multimodal Transportation Investments – Provide improvements for automotive, pedestrian and other ways of getting around.
III. Green Communities Standards – Reduce energy consumption through more efficient building design and land use choices, and pursuing new opportunities for energy production.
IV. Public Private Partnerships – Encourage an air of collaboration between public and private partnerships

Wesley Chapel Activity Center

Location: Northern portion of the county.
Commission Districts 3
Super District 7
Small Area Plan (SAP): Wesley Chapel LCI Plan
Implementation Tool: I-20 Overlay District


The Wesley Chapel Activity Center derives from the Wesley Chapel Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study. The core of the study is the nexus of Interstate 20 and Wesley Chapel Road. Some of the goals of the plan:

 Encourage diversity of mixed income neighborhoods, employment, and recreational choices
 Provide access to a wide range of travel modes, including transit, walking and biking.
 Develop an outreach process that promotes involvement of all stakeholders.


Land Use recommendations from the study are being
used as policy guidelines in the Comprehensive Plan.