Employment Centers

1.Incentivize redevelopment and buildpublic/private partnerships
2.Secure appropriate zoning
3.Develop appropriate marketing andbranding for employment centers and target industries
4.Create employment centers throughout the region
5.Encourage clustering through target industry support programs

1.Incorporate new employment centers in next comp plan update
2.Improve Infrastructure & Aesthetics of Major Corridors
3.Provide Support to School System toFacilitate Improvement
4.Address Crime
5.Develop Cultural Identity
6.Consider Game-Changing Projects

Industry Niches for District 3

  • Fabricated Metals Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
  • Light Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Construction Materials Manufacturing
  • Specialized Freight Trucking
  • Truck Terminals Back
  • Office Support Services
  • Warehouse Distribution

Employment Center Locations

I-20/Candler Road Employment Center

Currently housing the South DeKalb Mall, this exit is well positioned and has plenty of available infrastructure for redevelopment.

Quick Facts

  • Employment: 2,900
  • Business: 495
  • Total Square Feet: 3.4 Million SF
  • Total Revenues: $540 Million

Memorial Drive Employment Area

The segment of Memorial Drive between Atlanta and Avondale Estates could stand to benefit greatly from redevelopment and currently only houses underperforming or underutilized retail and commercial establishments.

Quick Facts

  • Employment: 2,050
  • Business: 202
  • Total Square Feet: 1.5 Million SF
  • Total Revenues: $290 Million

I-20/285 Interchange Employment Area

This junction of two interstate highways has large tracts of undeveloped land located nearby.

Quick Facts

  • Employment: 60
  • Business: 23
  • Total Square Feet: 470,000 SF
  • Total Revenues: $13 Million

Moreland Area Employment Center

Already a substantial commercial logistics and manufacturing corridor, the Moreland area is close to the I-675 / I-285 Interchange and has room for additional growth.

Quick Facts

  • Employment: 2,250
  • Business: 90
  • Total Square Feet: 1.1 Million SF
  • Total Revenues: $410 Million

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