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Tree of Love

Tree of Love

On December 16, 2017, Commissioner Larry Johnson will host his 19th season of the Tree of Love at the Gallery of South DeKalb Mall. The tree of Love is a holiday celebration to assist children living in DeKalb who because of their circumstances such as being in foster care, single parent household or low income may not have a Merry Christmas. Over the years, thousands of children have benefitted from this holiday gift adoption event. As a prelude to the main event, Commissioner Johnson held a kickoff and the Share the Love Day at South DeKalb Mall and Walmart on Memorial Drive respectively. Citizens are invited to the Grand Finale on the 16th from 12PM to 3PM at the Mall for gift distributions to the adopted children. Opportunities still exist for you to adopt a child or volunteer for the event. Contact our office at 404-371-2425.

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